I am Prudence Yao, a creative developer, born in Shanghai.

- Currently (21 - ) I work for Alibaba Cloud Design in Hangzhou to explore how design technologies can support and even innovate B2B products.

- Previously (18 - 21), I supported agencies to deliver B2C full-stack websites and digital interaction solution for clients like Google Brand Studio and Netflix,

- Before and along that period, I had been creating Interactive Installation for self expression. See the exhibition list below.

- Further back to the golden old age (14 - 18), my student life was inter-disciplinary with double majors in Interactive Media Arts and Computer Science in New York University Shanghai.

Here are some of my work.


My speciality lies in modern web technologies and interactive installion, meanwhile I'm enthusiastic about data visualizaiton and computer art. In details:

Modern front-end web technologies

ReactJs, AngularJs, Scss, Canvas, Three.js, Pixi.js


Python & Flask, node.js, API build/integration, Google and Alibaba Cloud hosting & server management, database operation, CMS, CL/CI

Creative coding

Processing, openFrameworks, OpenCV, Web AR


multi-screen displays, projectors, LED walls, micro controllers, sensors, fabrication specification

Still learning

Tensorflow.js, Cinema4D, Unity

Awards & Certificate

Aliyun Cloud Professional

Google Girl Hackthon, Best Innovation Award and People's Award

Publish & Exhibition

Co-translater of Machine Learning for Data Streams, Chinese version 《数据流机器学习》 published by 机械工业出版社

2018.12, 《应变》Exhibition by SIVA, Shanghai

2018.11, "Mei" Exhibition, @Himalayas Museum, Shanghai

2018.02, Infinite: New Born, @MixC Shanghai

2018, The 6th Maker Carnival, Shanghai

2015, STEM Education Day, @Shanghai Science Hall

2018.03.10, Creative Coding Shanghai First Meetup, VJ @ALL Club, Shanghai

2017.Aug.17, VJ Assistant @Life in Color

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